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TEFFI Law Firm team supported the defendant pro bono Back

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Having no a high-level standard of living is not a verdict yet”, – it was the motto of TEFFI Law Firm’s Counsel Andriy Ilyuk yesterday, during an appeal session to defend an accused in the theft case.


The accused was found guilty of the crime and sentenced under the third part of Article 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine to three years’ imprisonment according to the court decision.

Our Counsel reviewed the provided material and disagreed with the circumstances. There were no aggravating circumstances in the case, but there were several mitigating factors. The defendant is known to be a socially active family man with a little baby. He is described as an honest and decent person at the work place. Moreover, he has realized his situation and immediately admitted his guilt.


All the details let us to speak about untimely verdict. The court might not have enough time to consider all the circumstances of the case. Who knows!

For us, this meant only one thing. The verdict can and must be appealed. That is why, yesterday in the Court of Appeal, Andrew defended the possibility of a person to remain at liberty, redeeming his guilt in a more acceptable way.


The Counsel emphasizes:


“Access to justice and the opportunity to receive quality legal assistance under all conditions are necessary components of the rule of Law. Supporting our country’s desire to develop in this direction, TEFFI Law Firm’s attorneys are happy to take on the pro bono projects.”


The offense does not require such a radical measure as an imprisonment. We think, this fact is obvious. And we all know, that the first condition of correction is awareness of one’s guilt. And the equality of rights is not that everyone uses them, but that all people have and can protect them.