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Frequent changes in tax laws encourage business owners to constantly keep the dynamic pace, invest time, effort and funds in monitoring their nature and possible consequences in the legal information field. Lawyers of TEFFI Law Firm have been following the changes for seven years, calculating risks and offering Clients optimal and timely solutions to minimize them.

  • Tax consulting includes:

    • providing written consultations on tax legislation;
    • consulting in the field of complex tax planning and optimization of commercial activities in general;
    • selection of an optimal taxation system, taking into account the specifics and scope of Client’s activities;
    • drafting and providing individual tax consultations on practical implementation of the Ukrainian tax legislation;
    • provision of recommendations and analysis of contracts in order to bring them in line with the norms of the current tax legislation;
    • analysis of tax authorities’ acts for their compliance with tax legislation;
    • preliminary analysis of tax consequences of concluding the contracts;
    • legal support of tax disputes in the state supervisory bodies.