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Corporate practice of the TEFFI Law Firm is ready to present a new service to you – Stress-test: “Inspection of the State Labor Service of Ukraine”.


The stress-test “Inspection of the State Labor Service of Ukraine” is carried out in order to establish the risks of bringing the Customer to responsibility for the violation of labor guarantees and its obligations as an employer in relation to its employees. According to the stress-test’s results, it will be possible to find the risk areas that arise when labor inspectors communicate with the staff of the Customer, and to take measures to improve the staff readiness to conduction of these inspections.

What is included in the service?

The stress-test consists of three stages:

  • І STAGE. Preparation: the TEFFI Law Firm’s lawyers collect information on the Customer’s activities and its employment relationships with employees, which is needed to develop a plan and a scenario for conducting the stress-test. At this stage, a preliminary meeting is also held with an informed person on the part of the Customer to discuss and approve the developed scenario of the stress-test.
  • II STAGE. Main action: carrying out the stress-test according to the approved scenario.
  • STAGE. Conclusion: a legal analysis of the results of the stress-test conducted by the TEFFI Law Firm’s lawyers and development of a report (Legal Labor Check Report).

Why is it worth purchasing a service?

  • The stress-test will show effectiveness of trainings with your employees;
  • You will see which employee represents the biggest risk to your company;
  • The results of the conducted stress-test will improve readiness of your employees to inspections and will help eliminate “non-perfections” in your defense.

Where will it be conducted?

  • Directly on the territory (in the office) of the Customer, where its employees are located and work.

Who conducts the test?

  • Two lawyers, who are specialists in corporate and labor relations, with the participation of one or two informed people on the part of the Customer.

How long does it take?

  • From 2 to 3 hours depending on the number of employees of the company.

What will I get in result?

  • The result of the stress-test is a report (the Legal Labor Check Report) with an assessment of employees, legal opinions and recommendations for correcting errors.

What else can I get in addition?

If necessary, we also provide:

  • Detailed analysis of the situations that arose during the stress-test with the employees of the Customer;
  • Training with staff to eliminate errors and improve their readiness for inspections.

What is the cost of the service?

  • The cost of carrying out a stress-test is set individually, depending on the type of activity of the Customer, the number of its employees, working conditions and other factors necessary to conduct the stress-test.