Law Firm «Teffi» team provides legal assistance in protecting rights and interests of clients in courts of all instances, including the European Court of Human Rights, in order of commercial, civil and administrative proceedings and also in arbitration courts, including international ones. Law Firm «Teffi» team has successfully completed dozens of cases.
Having the extensive experience in this area, our lawyers provide the following services, but not limited to:
Representing clients in courts of all instances;
Development of protection strategy and formulation a legal stance;
Drafting of lawsuits, claims, complaints, motions and other procedural documents;
Participation in court sessions;
Support of procedures for the enforcement of judgments;
Collecting debts, including payables under foreign economic contracts;
Mediation in resolving corporate conflicts, protection of rights of participants of business companies;
Representing the interests of debtors and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, including participation in the meeting of creditors, drafting of complaints against actions (inaction) of arbitration managers, challenging the decisions of the meeting of creditors, drafting of claims for damages caused by the arbitration administrator.
Team of Law Firm «Teffi» in the sphere of protecting the interests of clients in arbitrations, specializes in conducting the following categories of arbitration cases, but not limited to:
On the conclusion, amending and termination of agreements;
On failure or improper fulfillment of obligations under agreements, including agreements of sale, supply, etc.;
On recognition of agreements null and void;
On debt collection;
On appeal decisions of the general meeting of shareholders (participants), decisions of companies’ governance bodies, and resolving any other disputes between shareholders and joint-stock company, as well as between members of other business companies;
Representing Clients in the proceedings relating to the execution of arbitration courts’ decisions.
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