Despite its public nature, Tax Law has a significant impact on private business interests of business entities.
Given the fact that the excessive attention of supervisory authorities not in the best way reflected in the work of companies and self-employed persons, it appears to be obvious that Law Firm «Teffi» works with tax and customs issues every day. Our team is ready to provide the following services in these fields of law:
Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the legal entity's doing business in a particular legal form and individual entrepreneurs in terms of the lowest level of taxation and the ease of administration (before setting up business);
Oral / written counseling on all legal aspects of the taxation of legal entity in a particular legal form and individual entrepreneurs;
Appeal of tax assessments notices, tax audits, illegal actions of tax authorities during inspections and decisions of tax authorities in respect of additional tax and fees, and penal (financial) sanctions;
Appeal of decisions on customs valuation adjustments, cards refusal to accept the declaration, refusal to customs clearance of goods and commercial vehicles.
Representing clients in courts of all instances on the tax and customs disputes.
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