Currently, real estate transactions are among the most vulnerable segments of the market for the various machinations. Legal support of real estate transactions will allow to protect the Client and the Client’s property from illegal encroachments. 
Lawyers of Law Firm «Teffi» provide the following services in the sphere of purchase and sale of real estate, but not limited to:
Legal analysis of available title deeds for the property, as well as counseling and/or help in changing these documents and/or in issuing of the missing title documents, identifying violations and providing recommendations for further actions;
Examination of the legal status of real estate and documents of title to real estate;
Drafting of, checking and maintenance of agreements on the purchase and sale of real estate;
Checking of the legal status of legal entities (of the buyer and the seller of the property);
Analysis of legal bases of the transaction;
Risk assessment of the transaction;
Obtaining all the necessary documents for further registration of ownership of real estate;
Legal support of real estate transactions and the representation of the interests of Clients on real estate matters in the courts of all instances.


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