One of the main services provided by Law Firm «Teffi» is a legal support of business activities of companies, which allows to eliminate possible risks and ensure highly stable doing business.
Legal outsourcing may include the following services (but not limited to):
  • Written / oral counseling a Client on legal issues related to the current business activities;
  • Drafting of standard forms of agreements including foreign economic contracts used in the company’s activity, taking into account commercial interests, business processes and operating principles of a Client;
  • Legal review of contractors’ drafts of contracts, drafting of reports, coordination of nuances that, in case of absence of attention to them, can cause a variety of risks (for example: checking a powers of a signatory of a contract, a moment of transfer of title and risk of accidental loss, monitoring of financial and economic activities of contractors, etc.);
  • Drafting of letters, statements, complaints, motions, petitions, lawsuits, local regulations, etc.;
  • Review and analysis of contracting practice, practice of performance of contracts, in order to develop proposals for addressing the identified deficiencies and improving the economic and financial activities;
  • Drafting (or taking part in drafting) of claims, reasoned responses to claims, in case of rejection of claims, consideration of debtor indebtedness issues;
  • Representing a Client in a Client’s relations with contractors, third parties, public authorities;
  • Drafting of procedural documents of any kind, analysis of lawsuits initiated against a Client prior to and after the start of cooperation with Law Firm «Teffi».
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