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Lecture on “Economic responsibility for default. Calculation of losses and damages” Back

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On February 27, 2020, Andriy Ilyuk, TEFFI Law Firm’s Advisor and Head of Dispute Resolution and Bankruptcy Practice, and Ivan Bilko, TEFFI Law Firm Junior Associate, delivered a lecture on Legal Liability for Failure to Obligate. Calculation of losses and damages.

During the lecture, the speakers talked about economic responsibility, its types and features. Difficulties that lawyers  face in the practical application of measures to influence offenders and recover damages. They shared some practical examples and tips on what to look for when contracting losses and how to apply penalties.

Andriy noted that the category of business cases for damages remains complex and requires the lawyer maximum concentration and attention to detail.

Ivan provided the auditory with a meaningful analysis of the interesting issues of litigation and loss of profit. He shared his own views and tips that will increase the chances of success in relevant business affairs.