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Labor relations are a fundamental component of any business field. Providing employees with decent working conditions is the main task of personnel departments. Our goal is to help our Clients comply with all legal norms and preserve human resources and financial assets.

Having substantial experience in labor law, TEFFI Law Firm’s team of lawyers helps to resolve personnel and labor issues promptly and qualitatively by providing:

  • Support of inspections by supervisory authorities:

    • legal audit for compliance with labor safety standards;
    • legal support in case of inspections by the relevant competent authorities.
  • Development of documentation on labor issues:

    • drafting of collective agreements;
    • drafting of job descriptions and rules of internal labor regulations;
    • drafting of documents on personnel issues;
    • drafting of provisions and agreements on confidentiality.
  • Resolution of labor disputes:

    • resolving disputes related to the full financial responsibility of employees and compensation for the incurred losses.