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Inspections by the State Labor Service of Ukraine: new risk criteria Back

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Resolution № 383 of 20.05.2020 The Cabinet of Ministers approved new Criteria, which assess the degree of risk from business activities and determine the frequency of scheduled inspections of the State Labor Inspectorate.

The decision concerns the following areas:
– Occupational safety and health
– Industrial safety;
– labour hygiene;
– Handling of explosives for industrial purposes;
– Labor and employment;
– Employment of persons with disabilities;
– Implementation of mining supervision.

Planned measures of state supervision (control) are carried out in relation to the business entity, which is referred to:
– high risk – no more than once every two years;
– medium risk – not more than once every three years;
– low risk – no more than once every five years.

Assignment of business entities to high, medium or insignificant degree of risk in the relevant field of state supervision (control) is carried out taking into account the amount of points accrued for all Criteria defined in the annexes (approved lists of risks and inspection criteria, as well as the corresponding number of points ), on the following scale:
from 41 to 100 points – to a high degree of risk;
from 21 to 40 points – up to medium risk;
from 0 to 20 points – to a small degree of risk.