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Igor Kryzhanovskyi revealed the topic “Clients & Sales” to law-students of Leadership In Law Back

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How important is communication with the client? What is a lawyer’s personal brand and why is it needed? Last Friday Igor Kryzhanovskyi spoke about the basic principles of sales and networking as an effective tool for expanding the circle of loyal clients for the law-students of Leadership In Law within the educational module “the Law Firm Model”.

In his hour and half lecture, which might be simply called the Management of building a law firm from scratch and setting up all the processes of a newly created business, Igor revealed the moments of becoming a successful attorney, shared the secrets from his own experience and covered this issue with the example of his colleagues.

Speaking briefly in theory, the speaker has talked a lot about sales that are based on a client’s “pains” and from which one you want to release him first and foremost. This involves maximum engagement and support, and then you can hope for feedback, which means refining your product in the future. The client should get exactly that, what he needs – the result.

For having a successful communication with a client or potential customer you need to learn how to listen, explain, argue and defend their arguments well, not be afraid of public speaking, speak easily.

The basic principles of a successful sales process are based on the characteristics of your services: complexity of evaluation, cost, terms of application and impact of the service on the customer’s business.
The sales stages are well known. From the beginning, this is a concluding of initial contact with the client. Next is finding out the needs. And only then – the formation of the proposal. Finally, if there any is, dealing with objections.

The Managing Partner also shared his lifehacks on that, how to sell the service more expensive. The whole point is to prove yourself a true expert and specialist in the field. You need to try to tell the client the truth – it is profitable for you to work honestly. And it is worth selling only when the client really needs your services. A very important detail that the lawyer focused on: “Smile! A harsh face is not a sign of professionalism! ”

At the end of the presentation, TEFFI Law Firm prepared a surprise for lawyers in the form of one day working at the company under the guidance of the attorney and Managing Partner Igor Kryzhanovskyi. The certificate was awarded to the most active student Diana Danyshenko, who will soon join the team as an assistant.