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Heads of TEFFI Law Firm Corporate and Litigation Practices on “The Current Position of Courts in Raider Cases” Back

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TEFFI Law Firm Corporate and Litigation Leaders Valeria Koverko and Andriy Ilyuk opened the Legal High School Corporate Conflict and Counterfeiting Special Course with their lecture on The Current Position of Courts in Raider Matters.

The speakers named the regions leading in the hobbies, including Kiev and Kiev region, Dnepropetrovsk and Lviv regions. Valeria began by revealing the essence of the basic concepts of raiding. The speaker described the prerequisites and the process itself, gave examples of capture schemes. Among the remedies recommended by Valeria, he also referred to the Ministry of Justice’s anti-raiding commission, which was also discussed.

TEFFI Law Firm Advisor Andriy Ilyuk spoke about the possibility of judicial protection in raider seizures. He stressed that the jurisdiction of disputes and the application of preventative measures to enforce a claim were often raised. Regarding jurisdiction – The Supreme Court has held that a public-law dispute has a special personality. The involvement of the authority is a prerequisite for classifying a dispute as public law. However, the mere involvement of such a subject in the dispute does not give grounds to refer it to the administrative jurisdiction. But it is better to take care of this in advance, as the courts often see in the dispute a corporate conflict, and therefore do not rush to satisfy the statement of claim – says the speaker.