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From quantity to quality, or when it is needed to say “no” to the client Back

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On September 27, the Ukrainian Advocates’ Association held an autumn forum “Advocacy. The formula of success”. Many issues were discussed. By one way or another everything was concerned to the lawyers’ success in the legal market. About the trends of law practices, opportunities and prospects of development of different companies, competition, collaboration, reputation value, pricing rules, justification of services, time management of a law firm, native advertising, marketing and much more. That day at the IQ Business Center was neither boring nor lonely – everywhere were discussions about how to improve your position in the legal field.

TEFFI Law Firm also participated in the Forum. We have reported about when it is needed to deny a client the provision of services – “From quantity to quality, or when it is needed to say “no” to the client. The Managing partner of the Firm Igor Kryzhanovsky told about the real reasons for refusal, the difference between quantity and quality, lack of expertise and intra-ethical ghosts of an attorney.

Filters. Do you check your client before the work start? So the quality index is formed. Active involvement does not mean that the expert has to work on everything he has been given. Every specialist has a portrait of the perfect client. And, yes, this does not exist. And the causes of a conflict with a client may be different. From the bad mood to the fact that he may simply be dissatisfied with the result. The client’s problems are your problems. If it is mistrust, previous negative experience of cooperation, misunderstanding of the value of the service or unwillingness to pay. This “headache” concerns an attorney!

It is a completely different situation when the client is inherently problematic and not set up for fruitful cooperation. Such a person is constantly late, does not respond to your requests and often asks to leave everything and only devote time to his cause as “overbearing”.

From his own experience, Mr. Igor advised to evaluate the risks of working with each client, adhere to internal policies and create checklists for each client, value own reputation and learn to say “no” to a client when it is needed.

TEFFI Law Firm is grateful to the Ukrainian Advocates’ Association for inviting the Managing partner to the speaker of the event. It was a busy, interesting and rich for meetings day.