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Improving the efficiency and development of our Clients’ business form an integral part of the TEFFI Law Firm’s activities. Thanks to the professionalism of our team, deep understanding of the legislative base and the ability to apply it successfully in practice, we have achieved recognition of large Ukrainian companies and foreign investors.

Accompanying each Client at all stages of business development and setting the objectives of minimizing risks, we provide the following services:

  • Establishing a new business:

    • advising on the choice of business legal structure;
    • development of company charter documents;
    • development of internal documentation.
  • Reorganization or complete termination of business:

    • advising on the issues of reorganization or termination of a legal entity;
    • preparation and submission of documents on termination of a legal entity to the relevant authorities;
    • representation of interests of a legal entity during audits and withdrawals from the accounts of the relevant authorities.
  • Maintenance and ongoing consultation in the course of:

    • changing management;
    • changing participants;
    • changing amount of the authorized capital;
    • payment of dividends.