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5.5 years’ path to justice Back

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Client, an international distributor of chemical products, approached us in 2015. Mykolaiv customs had demanded from him to charge an additional 2% on the declared value of imported in Ukraine raw materials. We understood that the path to justice might not be common. However, good name is worth the extra effort.

As we expected, the first instance court ruled in favor of our Client. But customs filed an appeal the following year, which ended by the opposite decision. On our complaint, the Supreme Administrative Court opened cassation proceeding, but at that time, judicial reform began in Ukraine. The case has transferred between the instances that were in the process of reforming during almost next 2.5 years. Within this period we have submitted numerous requests to expedite the consideration of the case.

Only in September 2020, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of our Client and sent the case for review to the first instance court. Only on January 13, 2021, on the last New Year’s holidays, the court of first instance ruled in favor of our Client.

It was a long period of 5.5 years, which has not closed yet. We are confident that Customs will appeal again. Both, we and our Client are ready to continue defending Client’s honest name and business reputation, because we care about them, but not about received or not received profit.